Ultrasonic Oxygen Sensor

Ultrasonic Oxygen Sensor



Rebreathe Ultrasonic oxygen sensors are analytical equipment that provide real-time findings for continuous DO monitoring in a variety of industrial processes. It is ideal for medical ventilators in binary gases to assist the global pandemic crisis caused by the Corona virus outbreak and is commonly used in high-flow nasal cannula oxygen treatment ventilation, positive airway pressure ventilation, anesthetic ventilators, and other medical equipment that deals with breathing.
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Type: ultrasonic oxygen sensor
Place of Origin: india
Brand Name: servotech
Model Number: OCS-3F
Product name: Ultrasonic Oxygen Sensor
Detecting Gas: Oxygen Concentrator gas
Test item: oxygen concentration and gas Volumetric Flow Rate.
Color: Black
Feature: long life (more than 5 years), measurement stability, high accuracy.
Weight: 27g